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New Record Books

Join the Fun with the New Achievements Record Book Program!

Hey Families,

Get ready for an exciting adventure with the new 2023-24 Achievements Record Book Program! This fun and engaging program starts now and is perfect for all 4-H members looking to reflect on their yearly work, set goals, and showcase their growth and achievements. Here’s everything you need to know to jump in and start creating wonderful memories together!

Happy kids working on homemade 4-H record books.

What’s the New Achievements Record Book All About?

The Achievements Record Book is a great way for 4-H members to document their skills, learning experiences, and personal growth throughout the year. It’s designed to help kids:

  • Reflect on their accomplishments.
  • Set and pursue goals.
  • Develop important life skills.
  • Build lasting memories and friendships.

Who Can Join?

All 4-H members are encouraged to participate, with different components tailored for various age groups. Adult volunteers and mentors also play a vital role in guiding and supporting the kids through this rewarding journey.

Fun Components of the Record Book

  • Cover Page: Get creative with graphics and artwork!
  • My 4-H Story: Share your personal experiences and favorite moments in 4-H.
  • Annual Project Reports: Document your projects, from what you learned to the skills you developed.
  • Expression Pages: Use photos, drawings, videos, and more to creatively showcase your achievements.
  • Leadership Reports: Highlight your leadership roles and how you’ve made a difference.
  • 4-H Resume (for seniors): Capture all your accomplishments in a professional format.

Easy-to-Follow Formatting and Uploading

Whether you prefer handwritten or digital, the Record Book accommodates both. Use the handy guidelines for margins, typeface, and multimedia to make your book look fantastic. Plus, uploading your work is a breeze with easy options for attaching documents, photos, and videos.

Let’s Get Started!

The program kicks off right now, so gather your materials, get creative, and start documenting your amazing 4-H journey! Remember, the Record Book is all about having fun while learning and growing. For more support, join the CA 4-H Record Book Support Group on Facebook or visit the State 4-H website for forms and resources.

Jump in and make this year unforgettable with the Achievements Record Book Program!

Happy recording!

The 4-H Team

New Record Book Forms and Information

Families can find the new record books at the California 4-H Resource Center website.

New Record Book Manual

Examples of completed new record book forms.

Primary members (We call them Mini-members here) have their own special report. iSprout Report